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Bare-earth Classification

Bare-earth classification involves identifying the LiDAR returns for naked surface of earth and classifying them to desired class.

Depending upon the scope identification of water features and classifying them to water class is done. Low noise and high noise points are classed to different classes. Roads and bridges are also separated to different classes. Breaklines for water features are drawn and hydro flattened DEM is prepared in various formats like ascii grids, geotifs or erdas imagine. We have experience of setting flags like synthetic, key points, withheld and overlap of LiDAR based upon ASPRS las 1.4 specification and setting up of WKT in LiDAR.

Typical deliverables for a bare earth classification project are:

  • Classified LiDAR
  • Hydro breaklines in dxf or ESRI geodatabase format
  • Hydro flattened DEM raster
  • Topobreaks
  • TIN and contours